Not a Rant, an Observation

**This is my opinion.

I’ll begin with a news article that I saw about the same time as another I’ll mention in a bit. But first:  In this article, it states that Walmart is presenting a new line of age-defying makeup. Not so interesting, except this makeup is not for older women, it is for little girls ages 8 – 12 years of age. At first, I thought it was a joke, but it is not.  It is a sad reality. Children do not need makeup, no matter what it’s purported benefits are supposed to be. The only “age-defying” thing children need is sun block! They shouldn’t be learning how to put on makeup at ages 8 – 12 anyway! That is the age to be a child. And, they don’t need to be going to spas for pedicures and manicures, either. If you want to bond with your child, sit down and color pictures with them, have a teddy bear tea party, bake cookies together, talk to them about what they like, not what you like, go to their level, do not bring them to your level. In other words, be a parent.

Along with the ridiculous makeup promotion is a disturbing trend in clothing for toddlers to preteen girls in the form of “mature” styled clothing. Clothing styles may change over time, but never is it okay for a baby or little girl to wear the under garments or clothing styles of adult women. I will not even say what companies are promoting such abominable clothing, but if you are a parent and you allow your child to wear any kind of clothing that is a miniature copy of adult clothing, especially the kind of clothing that I have seen, then you should stop it and be ashamed of yourself!!!! Seriously, you have no idea what can contaminate or damage the innocence of your child’s mind. Let them be children while they can because this world has enough in it to make one group up too quickly and destroys innocence forever! Children’s clothing should be modest, sturdy and comfortable, so that they can play outside, climb trees, dig in the dirt, explore nature and be kids! They do not need any help to be lures for pedophiles, and they do not need to learn about mature themed clothing before their minds are able to comprehend them. If you want to argue that, “But, my little S0-in-so likes to dress up and pretend to be a mommy”. Well, guess what, that is called learning for the child brain. Children learn about their world by observation and imitation or emulation. So, if your toddler is putting on your high heels and lipstick, walking around saying your signature phrases, it’s not a sign that they are ready to wear such things. It just means they are trying to understand what it means to be an adult, and as you are the primary adult in their life, you are their example. They may find other role models and pretend to be those, like policemen, firemen, teachers, doctors, even the family dog, etc. They are learning through play and pretend about their world. But, it does not mean they are ready mentally or physically for the grown up world! If you want to let your child wear clothes other than their regular clothes, let them keep a few Halloween costumes to wear on their birthday or to play in the back yard, but not to wear in public to shops and restaurants. It’s one thing to encourage imagination, it’s quite another to shove your child into a world they are not ready for! Even many adults are not ready for the real world!

Because that was so serious, I will now balance it out with some humor.

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