How do you describe Heaven?

As with every thing, Heaven is subjective. Meaning, it depends on the person to find out what his/her description of Heaven is. Religious descriptions of Heaven are generally that place where every one will be happy. But, what makes you happy may not make me happy. For me, Heaven is the love I found on Earth. Many people never find love and they look for it in various ways, many of which one will never find real love therein. But, love on this planet may not be their definition of Heaven. But, for one who has never known real happiness until they found the love of their life, love on this Earth is my Heaven. If you ever saw a vision of your description of Heaven, would you ever be able to let it go? I don’t think so. Just as I know I will never let go of my Heaven on Earth!

Here are a couple of cartoons that illustrate how people have different points of view, even if they are standing side by side.

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