Aleppo, I am very sorry we failed you!

Yet, sorry is not enough for how much we failed you, Aleppo and all Syrians, whose lives were, and are devastated by this war. Sorry is so hollow of an apology in a world full of apathy.  We all watched as Aleppo was torn to pieces like a gazelle by vicious hyenas, but we did nothing. There is no humanity in the humans of this world. Aleppo has fallen.

The UN said it was “a corner of hell”, and that it was “a meltdown of humanity”, but those descriptions are so weak, feeble and pathetic compared to reality. There is no one atrocity greater than another that has been perpetuated in the last 6 years, yet complacency by the world ranks high up there. It is all madness! Yet, the world just watched it happen. Why?! My very soul aches for each person that has lived through this, or died, knowing that the world just watched.

I am reminded of Kitty Genovese, who was stabbed to death in 1964, in front of her New York City apartment, while 38 of her neighbors witnessed it. She screamed for help! Not one tried to stop the man who murdered and raped her because they feared getting involved.  Only as she lay dying did one woman come out of her apartment to hold her as she bled to death. This is what the world did while Aleppo was dying. We watched the murderers and rapists and did not try to stop them. We watched Aleppo bleed to death. When will the world get involved where people are being tortured, raped and murdered?

I know some of you may be saying, “it is a civil war” or it’s their religion, but I tell you it is not! It is about people wanting freedom from a dictatorial government, and a government that would rather see the country in ruins than to give freedom to the people. The truth is the government hates it’s own people so much that it would allow Hezbollah (Lebanon), Iranian and Russian troops to bolster the government regime in order to crush, punish and destroy the native people. Add to that, other outsiders saw an opportunity at the beginning to squeeze into the country, to take what they can amidst the chaos – rebels, fanatics and other governments. Anyone not on Assad’s side, or in those “rebel” groups, have been the victims of all sides – genocide.

On the final day, as the government forces with their allies were closing in on the last corner of Aleppo, the east side, fathers were asking their religious leaders if it was permissible to kill their wives, sisters and daughters to spare them rape and torture at the hands of the government and pro-government fighters. Some young women planned to commit suicide to keep their honor. The foreign reporters were giving what they thought would be their last reports via phone, and local people were saying, “Goodbye” to the world via social media because they were certain it was their last.

As one human to another, we should find our fallen humanity and reach out to these people who have lost everything. Their government will not kindly accept those that left the country because they wanted freedom from tyranny. So, where else can they go? Stop looking at them as being different, and look at them like the humans they are. If you are a religion person, then see them as your brothers and sisters in God. Prayer is great. Empathy, sympathy and compassion are what the people of Syria need now that they have no hope of their country being like it once was. Have mercy. Help where you can. It is better than just watching as freedom seeking refugees get washed away by their own governments, the Turkish government, Europe and everywhere else. I have witnessed this myself. Put yourself in the place of the Syrian refugees, of the people in Aleppo, and think what help you might need in that situation.

I am not including any photos, or videos, in this commentary because anyone can search for “before and after” photos of Aleppo, or the atrocities against the people in the city. The government troops almost always use their phones to record what they are doing to the people that defied them by wanting freedom. You can view those things, too, on Youtube or various news outlets.

Syria, Aleppo, I am sorry we all let you down. I am sorry we failed you and watched as you were murdered and raped. Forgive us. 

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