I am Catphi (pronounced Cat Fi). I consider my interests a combination of eclectic and etcetera = “Eclecetera”. I am interested in learning new things, yet I get sidetracked easily in my research by something that branches from what I am currently studying. I read a lot, and listen to people randomly, (yes, I realize that is eavesdropping). I don’t listen to the radio or watch music shows, I prefer to sample my music at random, or thematically, and welcome suggestions, as long as it’s not country or rap.  I’m an avid reader of other people’s poetry, though I rarely comment to them about it.  I look at other artist’s work without criticism, as I want to learn from their abilities and mistakes, and I like to try to interpret what I believe they are really trying to say to the world.

I started this blog to express, dissect, share and learn about things that interest me at the moment, yes, my interest changes. I won’t say I get bored because I don’t like that phrase. There is too much to be done, too much to learn and see in this world to be bored. One can be temporarily bored with a subject, but all one needs to do is look at another facet of that subject, approach it from another angle, and it can be new again.  Most of the people I know only want a shallow experience in this world, they don’t want to “wade” too deeply into the vast sea of knowledge because it might require too much effort to get back to their comfort zone, or they are too busy with something else. So, here I am.


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